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Thank you to Rocket House Pictures for creating this beautiful video and thanks to Hannah Porter Medved (former Miss Colorado), her beautiful sister, Lily, and amazing mama, Alyssa, for coming to play for a day. 


With you in it, every day is extraordinary... 



i’m grateful you are here.  

imagine i am sitting across from you, looking into your eyes, and saying... 

i believe in you. i see your beauty. i see your gifts.

Even though i may not know you personally yet, i know you are worthy of love. i know you are a gift to humanity - you're a dedicated cheerleader, a loving advocate, a pillar for your family, community and - most of all - for your own self.

You are healing, growing, loving, falling down, and getting back up again...

You are a force that can change the world.


A girl should be two things - who and what she wants.
— Coco Chanel