Destination photoshoot with Shelley in beautiful Cancun

Destination photoshoot with Shelley in beautiful Cancun


I’m grateful you are here.  

Imagine I am sitting across from you, looking into your eyes, and saying... 

I believe in you. I see your beauty. I see your gifts.

Even though I may not know you personally yet, I know you are worthy of love. I know you are a gift to humanity - you're a dedicated cheerleader, a loving advocate, a pillar in your family, community, and, most of all, for your own self. You are healing, growing, loving, falling down, getting back up again. You are a force that can change the world.

I want to take the best photographs you've ever seen of yourself.

Let's sit down and talk about how you want to be photographed. Personal branding and headshots, celebrity-style magazine photoshoots, or dream destination shoots - anything is possible and we can make it happen. 

It’s time to bring the real you forward. Not who you think you are supposed to be or who you wish you were, but the person you were meant to be.