Prepping for My First 14er | Mt. Bierstadt

"Lola", I will wear you someday - yes, I will...

But, for now...

Getting from Point A to Point B is - well - it's everything; that's where everything happens - good, bad, otherwise. I used to be that girl in the first picture - like, I went to Paris just to get those shoes because that's what moved me back then. That was in 2008 and have I worn them? Nope. Not one time. {sigh}

 This was a dream come true kind of moment for me back then - and, oh my, look at dem nails!

This was a dream come true kind of moment for me back then - and, oh my, look at dem nails!

When I purchased those Louboutins in Paris, it was a most orgasmic experience - I mean, as much as an orgasmic experience as one can have in public - and in front of one's mother and aunt - but I have to say that finding the right hiking shoe and strapping on microspikes in preparation for my first 14k+ climb was almost as orgasmic.

Back then, being "outdoorsy" was the furthest thing off my radar but this internal shift happened in August and now I'm obsessed with getting "out there" and gobbling up as many experiences as possible. Which brings me to today...

I was all set to do my first two climbs on Tuesday (Grays and Torreys), but going to Guatemala (a wonderful and invaluable experience - no regrets there!) set me back a few days, so I'm planning to go tomorrow. Unfortunately, the temps have dropped substantially since Tuesday (72 and sunny to 37 and snowy - eeps) and we had our first snowfall last night. Getting to the Grays TH isn't an option now as chains are required on the road up and it's already a rough drive for low clearance vehicles, so I've decided on Bierstadt instead. I'm sure I'll have some weather to contend with, but I'm undeterred: Mt. Bierstadt, here I come!

In fact, as I'm sitting here writing this, it's already beginning to clear up (gotta love Colorado!), so I'm feeling pretty good at the moment. Need to run to REI to pick up a few things (of course) - but then, I always feel like I need to run to REI to "pick up a few things". ")

A shout out to for being the most invaluable resource in researching every aspect of climbing these 54 beasts; I wouldn't be nearly as prepared as I need to be without it!