Objets de Camino

I got back from Vancouver yesterday - a wonderful trip...with whales! I found this little clam shell on the beach and wanted to bring it home with me. The scallop shell is the symbol of the Camino and has significance relative to that journey (and I'll get mine when the time is right); this little guy is just a little token for me to keep on my desk as a reminder of what's to come.

The rock, however, will be with me from now until I leave it at Cruz de Hierro (the highest part of the Camino):   

Since the 11th century, however, the cross has been a key feature on the Camino de Santiago. Pilgrims traditionally carry a rock with them from the start of their journey, before leaving the rock at the foot off the cross. The rock symbolises the sins that the pilgrim has committed, and the act of leaving the rock is supposed to absolve them of the sins.

I named my rock Norm and I hope we have some good times before we part company... ")