First post with a picture taken with my Fujifilm X-T10; so glad to be taking her with me on this journey!

We have to bring our own food for this Camino, so I wanted to keep my options heavy on the protein and low on sugar and sodium (trying to avoid water retention). I'm not typically a fan of pre-packaged or processed foods, but our options will be somewhat limited and I'll need things that won't spoil, obviously. 

Each baggie has raw almonds, a protein bar, and a pack of two Fig Newtons - about 500 calories. I'll eat one or two bananas each day for three days until we get to Arroyo Seco - pretty sure there's a grocery store there to get more. Bananas are loaded with potassium - gotta keep those nasty leg cramps at bay. Then for breakfast and maybe lunch, I'll have the protein shake - so, depending on how many bananas and protein shakes I have each day, my calorie intake will be between 760 and 1015 - and that's without dinner {I believe we will have kind and generous hosts during the evening meal}. More than enough, right?  Haha - I hope!  I have an extra baggie with more stuff in it if I or anyone else needs it.

Ok - I've really dorked around enough playing with my camera - I should pack now...