Old School

The journey about to begin. My dad is 39 in this picture - about 8 years younger than I am now...

Who needs hiking boots? No, seriously - this is what I wore. And there was snow.

Back in July of 1985, my dad and I embarked on the Rainbow Trail (in the Sangre de Cristos). I had spent the first five months of the year pretty much living out of that pack because of Senior Field Studies (a class I'd taken in high school - 20 kids from Bear Creek, 20 from Lakewood) - living in the desert (no tents!), white river rafting, rock climbing, living with a farm family - and so, SO much more. Nature was our classroom and it was the first most epic experience of my life.  

The Rainbow Trail is a little over 100 miles and it was our intent to do the whole thing, but I think we called it quits after about a week or ten days - though I can't remember why. That pack weighed easily 40 pounds (maybe more) when I was hauling it around in Field Studies and it was probably close to that for the Rainbow Trail.

My, how times (and technology and gear) have changed! For the duration of the Camino in Spain, I will only carry 14 pounds (ten percent of my body weight); that's still hard for me to wrap my head around, but it makes sense.

I'm planning to leave at the end of March or beginning of April - hopefully by then, I'll have figured out how to pack efficiently.  Haha.  Seriously, tho...