Training Day Two | South Platte River Trail

Coffee. I'm tired this morning.  My shins, toes, and ankles are talking to me a little bit from Saturday's hike - but that horrid pain in my big, left toe was gone after a couple of hours. Poor feet - they aren't used to this; they much prefer being free to breathe and wiggle in their sandals to this new thing. Ha - they'll capitulate eventually. I hope. I kinda need them.

This is annoying admission, but I've drunk the Fitbit Kool-Aid.  I need to be able to track progress so that I can continue to make progress, so it's helpful to me in that regard. I was in my normal routine of editing yesterday, which means I was sitting at my computer all day. I even had a shoot yesterday morning, but I still didn't come anywhere near 10,000 steps or burning any real calories. What a stunning revelation to see just how inert I actually am - and have been for months! This is my wake up call. Since I turned 40 {gulp} eight years ago, I've been so mindful about caring for this body so that it will last another 40-50 years if need be. But I'm painfully aware of how infrequently I get exercise lately. No bueno.

The Fitbit woke something up in me - this little piece of technology will keep me motivated and on my toes. 

Ok - I'm running late now so, quickly - we're off to do about 11-12 miles today along the South Platte. Not challenging at all elevation-wise, but it's a holiday and the mountains have been absolutely swarmed with people; getting in and out is impossible, so we're staying in the city and "taking it easy" today.

Grateful for this kind of outhouse during an urban trek... 

So far today, 13.58 miles, 29,730 steps, 2.457 calories burned. It was a good haul - very easy walk, just trying to manage the pain as I'm using so many new muscle functions in my feet. Still no blisters - super happy about that. I definitely need a shower. And maybe a glass of wine. And some sleep. Yes, all of those things. ")

It was a good day.

Shannon Reed