Training Day Three | Castlewood Canyon

Headed to Castlewood Canyon today for a shorter hike (8 miles), but with a fully loaded pack. My pack weighs just over 14 pounds - the weight I plan to carry on the Camino de Santiago. I'm not sure if I mentioned this or not, but I'm more training for a pilgrimage on September 20th than I am for the Camino right now. The upcoming Camino {El Camino del Norte a Chimayo} is 120-150 miles {I'm still not exactly sure} and will be a great test of my gear, body, and mind. The first couple of days are each over 20 miles with no shade, but the weather is supposed to cool down quite a bit, so that delights me to no end. 

The Chimayo actually starts in Denver and ends in Chimayo, NM - 360 miles - but our group is starting in San Luis for a much shorter pilgrimage. Ann Sieben, the Winter Pilgrim, is coordinating the Chimayo Camino; I haven't met her yet, but she's pretty much the deal. This is a way of life for her and I'm in awe. Seriously - I get it. I can see an addiction forming around all of this pilgrim business.

Back with an update later...

Gorgeous scenery overlooking the canyon - Pikes Peak in the distance...

This was my most challenging hike yet - not because of distance or changes in elevation, but because of heat. I am trying to find ways to avoid the sun {long pants, long-sleeved shirts}, but the lack of circulating air and the pounding sun really took its toll on me. In fact, I developed a lovely rash on my calves which, I believe, is called Golfer's Vasculitis {a heat rash which occurs specifically on the lower leg}. It's not particularly irritating and looks much worse than it is; a little calamine spray seemed to calm it and it's already looking better this morning. 

That aside, and the fact that it looks like I'm going to lose a toenail - the recovery was no problem and I feel fine this morning. Yay - no more shin splints!

Total miles yesterday - 10.41
Steps - 22,785
Calories - 2,804
Trail - Easy to moderate

I'm still retaining a lot of fluid - feeling/looking puffy - definitely need to drink more water.  I'm going to nurse hot ginger tea all day and see if that helps a bit. Our next hike is Sunday and I think we're looking at 22 miles, so time to patch myself up a bit between now and then. And research better clothing options - I love the sun, I just don't want it on my skin.