How would you like to be photographed?

Women are life - women are love - women are magical; I see something extraordinary in every woman I photograph because every woman I photograph is extraordinary. Let’s play, get silly, dance, laugh, and forget that long to-do list taped to the refrigerator for a couple of hours; let’s take some time to celebrate you!

If you’ve never been professionally photographed before and aren’t sure what that looks like or what to expect, you can start with the following to get the creative juices flowing:

Who would you like to be photographed with (mom, friend(s), daughter(s). sweetheart, family) - or would you prefer to be photographed alone?

How would you like to be photographed? Glamorous, classic, professional, sexy, casual; you have many wonderful sides - don’t be afraid to explore and play!

Where would you like to be photographed? I’m based in Helena, Montana and can offer a studio experience in my home or anywhere feet, trains, planes, and automobiles travel!

Next, send me a note by clicking the button below and I’ll give you a call so we can chat about your vision. Whether you want a full-blown magazine-style photoshoot or headshots for your social networking sites, I want to create a space for you to relax, feel comfortable, and have fun celebrating your beautiful self!

I’m excited to get to know you and can’t wait to hear from you!

Shannon Reed
(720) 243-1444

He who seeks beauty will find it - Bill Cunningham