Aspen Socialite Murder

Aspen Murder Story - March 2014  (with video; Affiliate KMGH Channel 7, Denver; Air date - March 17, 2014) ASPEN, Colo. - Prosecutors have filed first-degree murder charges against a couple arrested in the killing of a prominent Aspen woman.

Authorities said 65-year-old William F. Styler III and 62-year-old Nancy Christine Styler were charged Monday in connection with the death of 57-year-old Nancy Pfister.

Over the weekend, police arrested a third suspect in Pfister's death -- 56-year-old Katherine M. Carpenter.

Pfister was the daughter of the late Betty and Art Pfister, longtime prominent Aspen residents who co-founded the Buttermilk ski area west of town. Officials still haven't revealed how Pfister was killed.

The Stylers rented Pfister's home until she returned home from traveling in Australia last month.

In January, Pfister wrote on her Facebook wall: "I'd like to stay in Australia but the people that were supposedly taking care of my house are not doing what they said they would do and they're not paying rent and they haven't paid utilities."

Carpenter called police to report finding Pfister's body in a closet in the home on Feb. 26.  She is a local Alpine Bank employee who handled Pfister's property rentals.

Nancy Pfister’s daughter, Juliana, attended the proceedings Monday.

She told ABC News that she couldn't believe someone would kill her fun-loving mother because of an alleged rent dispute.

"How could someone just be so angry that they got kicked out of a house?" Juliana said. "There's got to be something more. It's hard to understand that."

District Attorney Sherry Caloia wouldn't rule out more arrests.

"The case is still open to looking at every possibility out there. Yes it is," said Caloia. "It just doesn't happen in Aspen. It just doesn't happen."

In addition, defense investigators removed boxes of evidence from Pfister’s home in the mountains.

Camera Crew: Dominic Frederico and Shannon Reed
Correspondent: Bazi Kunani
Producer: Carol McKinley
Air Date: 17 March 2014